Would like to be able to capture the chats after the call ends

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Just ended a 67 endpoint call for training purposes by one of our top Engineers.  When the call ended it was great to be able to send him the attendee list, the video of the presentation and even a cool graphic showing the geographic details of the details.   Thanks to Command Center!   

He then asked do you have records of the chat conversation that was going on during the call?   

"I would like to implement those questions into the next time I do that presentation"

Summary, be nice to have the chat questions that came up during the session.

Thanks,  Mike
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Mike Levine

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  • great

Posted 4 years ago

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Jenn@BlueJeansSupport, Official Rep

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Hi Mike,  

I'm so happy to hear that your meeting went well today!  Because of requests from fellow Blue Jeans users like you, our development team is currently working to add the option to save chat history to allow access following a meeting. There is no ETA on the release of this feature yet but we do have a work around that should be helpful in the meantime.  Within the meeting, you can copy and paste the chat log into a Word document to preserve the guest comments and questions for review following the meeting.  I currently use this following tech support meetings in which the user submits network or computer information so I don't have to focus on copying the information during our call. 

Hope this is helpful!
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Farah Maloof

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Hi! Is there any progress on this option? 
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Chad Tuttle

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We would like to see this feature also

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Juan Castejón

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Any updates on the feature?
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Mike Kerr, Official Rep

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Hi Mike, we have added the ability to download the chat threads from concluded Primetime Events. However, similar tool is not yet available on our MeetMe service. We will keep you posted on its' progress.
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Sarah Coote

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I would also really appreciate this feature being implemented

Would be useful to know if an ETA will be assigned to it :)

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Lee Snyder, Official Rep

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Hello Sarah,

We do not have an ETA on this feature yet, but, it is marked as a feature to be fast-tracked, so we should have an ETA soon. As soon as there is an ETA applied to the feature, I will be happy to reach out and provide an update!

Lee - BlueJeans Support
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Rodney Russ

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Looks like the feature was first mentioned 3 years ago.  Was it just put on the backlog 3 years ago or has it taken this long to implement?  I too am very interested in having a feature like this as having to do a manual copy / paste seems unnatural.
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Lee Snyder, Official Rep

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Hello Rodney,

This feature is currently being worked on, but we do not have an ETA as to when it will be released. Once the ticket has an estimated ETA assigned, I will update this thread.

Lee - BlueJeans Support
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Larry Wayne Virden

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Using blue jeans on a windows 10 desktop seems to prevent the work around above of copying the chat text and pasting into word. We are currently unable to get copy and paste from the chat window to work at all.

I sure hope something usable comes soon for windows 10 users.
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Radhika@BJsupport, Official Rep

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Hi Larry,

Currently copy chat  support with desktop app 2.0 is not available with windows machines. With the MAC machine it is supported. We do not have ETA for same. We will update the forum once implementation date is confirmed.

Thank you,

Radhika Chatur
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LeenTech Support

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Could you not just add button to download the text or something it a real pain the ...., not being able to copy text.  I had to re key a whole chat into notepad, its ridiculous!
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rohit verma

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Any update on the copy paste feature of chat..Disheartning to see it doesn't work on windows 10
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Lee Snyder, Official Rep

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Hello Rohit,

We are releasing copy from the chat on Windows in our 2.8 release next week! Keep an eye out and update as soon as it is available.

Lee - BlueJeans Support
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Any updates/ETA on when this will be available on Windows 10?
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Lee Snyder, Official Rep

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Hello WITC LE,

It is coming out next week on Windows with our 2.8 release, here is what it looks like:

Let me know if you have any questions!

Lee - BlueJeans Support