Which is the best browser for joining a meeting? Is there a difference between browsers and call quality?

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Is there a "best" browser to use for connecting to a Blue Jeans meeting?
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Posted 5 years ago

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Zack Blum, Champion

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Google Chrome is our company's standard browser. We've had a good experience using Blue Jeans with it.

Occasionally, and less often recently, the browser plug in will crash. In fact, it happened today when an employee had two Blue Jeans tabs open at the same time.

We have not tried Safari or Firefox yet.
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I'd want to see the technical answer on this from an engineer, but I've noticed that Chrome takes up a decent amount of CPU and that when people are joining from old computers without much computing power, chrome can eat up some valuable CPU that might be better utilized by Blue Jeans.  That said, chrome is my baby too.  
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We found Firefox ro be smoother than IE - never had a plug in crash.
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Blue Jeans isn't intended to be used more than one at a time on a particular machine.  So, the earlier comment about having "two Blue Jeans tabs open at the same time" is a bit of unintentional mis-use.   Some devices like cameras and microphones can often only be used by one application at a time so it wouldn't work to try to join two different meetings at the same time.  If you managed to join the same meeting twice it could result in echo.  Also, the browser plug-in makes assumptions about CPU availability based on only one instance running.  Blue Jeans provides browser service for any of the most popular browsers, so you should use whatever browser you prefer... Firefox, Chrome, Safari (on Mac), & IE (on Windows).    Blue Jeans is intended to be used on a "native" browser on the local PC... So doing something like MS-IE running on "Parallels" on a Mac is not guaranteed to work well. 

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Tom Griner - That's been my experience. There isn't a reliable way (on any VC service) to control sound or video hardware simultaneously from two instances of a meeting through one CPU/graphics card.  My solution is to connect via a tablet or smartphone for the second instance.


re: browsers

I've found only one quirk with Chrome 32.x and OSX 10.9.x.
I can't change the calendar on which to receive an invite because of a screen display issue. I'll submit details separately.

I use Chrome almost exclusively because I can easily switch (command-tilde on OSX) between my Google Apps and Gmail accounts.  I've got each account color coded icon in the upper-right and use the same color for my mail background, so I always know if I'm in my personal or work window.

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Tom Griner, Audio Specialist

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Personally, I switch between different browsers without giving it too much thought.   We did have some trouble with video when Chrome 32.0 first came out and had to push out a quick update to remedy that.  Google seems to like to do frequent & automatic Chrome updates, and is making changes intended for "other platforms" (like Chromebox) that can sometimes cause changes in behavior that we must accommodate.  From that standpoint, Safari, IE, and Firefox are a bit more "stable" than Chrome, but Chrome is evolving more rapidly than the others.

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Ben Sullins

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I've been trying to use Firefox for meetings and consistently get plugin crashes. Also was using Chrome but it looks like Google updated me to the 64bit version and it's not working there.
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Which platform (Win/Mac/Linux) are you using, Ben?   We don't currently work on Win/Mac browsers that are 64-bit only.   Google has been experimenting with 64-bit only browsers for beta users, but seems to have recently just gone back to 32-bits again:
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Thanks Tom! 

Hi Ben -

We are happy to look into the specific issue with Firefox. Please upload your logs on Firefox at bluejeans.com/loguploader. We will open up a support case now as well to have a support engineer look at the issue (with your logs). We will post the resolution back to this thread. Thanks for your patience. 

Also - if you want to follow progress on Google x64 please follow this thread here

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Ben Sullins

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I just submitted my logs. Thanks in advance
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Our experience suggests that Chrome is the best Browser match for Blue Jeans.
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Weve used Chrome, Firefox, and IE due to our users all having preferences. We havent had any issues so far. Chrome is my largest used browser though. Even though it eats a ton of resources, typically the machines can handle it without an issue. It also seemed to have a bit of an easier time connecting than IE did. 
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Max Garcia

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Not sure if there has been much improvement on the CPU usage with any browser I have tried with Bluejeans.  It is at least using 80%-90%. Is this an item that is being addressed? I am a current client with a renewal coming up and not sure we will due to this resource consumption and poor user experience. I am on a MacBook Pro 13". Do not see this with GotoMeeting.

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Hi Max,

We are continuously making improvements in CPU utilization and process optimization by our browser plugin. With upcoming next release these improvements are also included. May I know if you already explored our native "Bluejeans app"?

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I'm using the native app on two different Macs one running 10.11.3 (mini, late 2014) and 10.10.5 (mbp 13, early 2015).  The app crushes the mpb, which is far more well resourced.  It works reasonably well on the mini.  There is only a subtle difference from the browser experience on both machines, but I certainly like the UX better.
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Thank you for your valuable feedback, our engineering team like to look into bluejeans plugin and app logs on these two machines. It would be great if you can follow below instructions and upload logs from two machines for comparison and analysis purpose. 

Kindly enter following information in "what happened" field while uploading: 
1. Community page issue report: The app crushes the mpb
2. Meeting ID numbers wherein these crash was observed
Thank you