Which does Bluejeans networks recommend when available, browser or room system?

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Which is better? Browser or room system? Does BlueJeans networks recommend using a Room system whenever possible over a browser (assuming the room system is not ancient)? I'm trying to convince my users that if available a room system will give them the better experience. 

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Posted 4 years ago

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From the user's perspective, the trick is to balance these two things:

1. Quality.  

The audio and video quality will be higher in the room system. By higher, I mean that there is a subtle threshold of video and audio quality above which the person relaxes into the dynamic of an in-person meeting.  It’s hard to describe until you see it and hard to replicate on most desktop systems. 

However, by far the most important thing to get people away from the default audioconference is:

2. Convenience. 

Difficulties scheduling a room, being confused about the room system controls, etc. will send people back to their desktops/laptops/smart phones.


My take:  Give people the hardware (camera+CPU), headphones, and lighting they need to participate brilliantly in meetings from wherever they are sitting.  In addition, make sure there is someone nearby to make it easy to move into the conference room for the extra 'zing' of a high-quality meeting.
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I agree with Tom's perspective but wanted to add a couple points.
1) Using a hardware solution such as a codec removes the video/audio processing from the computer that is running everything else as well and puts that load directly on a piece of hardware whose sole purpose in life is to operate in such a fashion.

2) Room systems are generally setup in a much more controlled environment, this includes considerations for lights, video, audio, network and other extraneous interferences.  I know the convenience of being able to have a meeting anywhere is great, however, it lends itself to many more problems.

3) We are currently experiencing a problem with meetings over 132 minutes in length on the average, some longer some shorter, and the problem has been identified with something in the BlueJeans plugin.  I believe, if we were using a codec solution instead of the browser solution we could possibly have avoided this issue since the plugin would not have been used at all. 
                 a) Would really like to hear an engineer's opinion on this!

Finally, I think Tom's "My Take" statement is right on point!  Especially, "make sure there is someone nearby to make it easy to move into the conference room for the extra 'zing' of a high-quality meeting".  Someone who is being supported by competent and professional personnel has a leg-up on those who are not receiving this type of support.  BlueJeans is a great solution, however, their service can only support a room to a certain extent.  It is up to the end user to setup a professional environment and have that level of support to have a truly wonderful online meeting experience.
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Thanks for the replies thus far! Before I posted I pretty much thought the same way, but was looking for additional ideas for marketing. We have staff supported rooms that have recent CISCO equipment in them, but BlueJeans initially was marketed to our users as primarily a desktop solution. 

We'd like them to understand that given the choice, a room based system that is managed by competent staff can provide them with a superior experience to huddling around a laptop or hooking it up to a projector.

As the video conferencing guy where I work it drives me NUTZ to see a BlueJeans meeting using  a user's laptop and projector that we were not told of being run in one of our centrally managed conference rooms equipped with an expensive video conferencing system sitting idle because of the user not being educated of the advantages in using the video conferencing equipment available to the room.

BlueJeans can provide a great way for us to justify more room based equipment (even cheap stuff like SX10's or SX20's) but ONLY if people are using them.