Small Room Custom Set Ups: Anyone have experience with USB noise canceling microphones for med size conference rooms with lots of echo.

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The community is a great idea. Anyone have experience with USB noise cancelling microphones for med size conference rooms with lots of echo.
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Posted 5 years ago

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Hi Sandy,

Phoenix Audio Technologies has a USB based conference speakerphone called the Quattro3 which covers medium to large size conference rooms and has echo cancellation built into the unit.  The Quattro3 also daisy chains to provide more coverage and pickup in rooms with poor acoustics.  
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HI Sandy,

To add on to Ashley's comment, I have listed a couple more echo cancelling USB mic/speaker combos:

Phoenix Audio Quattro MT304 - The one Ashley listed

ClearOne Chat 170    -  can be daisy chained for larger rooms

Jabra Speak 410 - for smaller / huddle room setups

  • this is good for smaller makeshift conference rooms with a webcam setup on a LED display
  • make sure to order the USB  female to male extension cable if you're placing it in a conference room and want to bring the mic out to a table 

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Thank you everyone for the suggestions. Since we do not have a room systems we are working to make BlueJeans accessible as our room systems. Audio has been a struggle. We have installed Logitech c930e webcams with BlueMic snowflace mic's. Also trying the Logitech bcc950 all in one unit. They are working OK but not sure if this is optimal for the long term. I appreciate everyone  providing other options that have worked for them.
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David Caudle

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Just received a demonstration unit for the Logitech cc3000e unit, which when it gets to production in a month or so will be around $1000. It is absolutely the right solution for BlueJeans conferences in medium conference rooms (up to 10 people) with LCD displays or projector systems. The video can zoom in to white boards or specific speakers, and the audio is effective and loud enough for that large of a room. It can really pick up all speaker in the room. If you wish this to be a portable system and take from room to room, I would recommend a tripod or a microphone stand to hold the High quality camera. It does come with a wall mount/tripod set up.

The key is that the video and the audio is really great quality with this system very close to those room systems costing $8-10,000 more. So far, we have had no complaints (NO ECHO!) with this system, and hope to use it more (and buy more). This is the perfect complement for high end video conferencing with Blue Jeans - Get more with less cost!

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We've just ordered one for demo. Can't wait to try it out.
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How do you guys feel about it now?  How are you using it?  Just received mine and haven't gotten to test yet, but I'm hoping it's the right solution to deploy to our mid-size rooms.  Are you using laptops or thin clients to drive the meetings?
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@Kevin and @Armstrong, how did David's recommendation work out for you? Did the demo go okay?
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It worked very well in a mid-size conference room with a quality machine to drive the call.  The audio and video quality both met expectations.

As far as cons...

-Requires computer.  Obviously, since the unit requires a computer connected via USB to initiate the call, it's slightly more complicated than a room codec where you can dial from a remote, but this was not a surprise, just a consideration for convenience.

-Quality of computer.  I only connected using the cc3000e with two machines, my Vaio i5 laptop, which performed very well, and an HP Thin Client T5740.  The latter is the standard device issued to our users in the office but was unusable for the BlueJeans meeting.  Video was substandard and the audio was unbearably choppy.  I haven't ordered one of the BJN recommended thin clients such as the Zbox to try yet, which could operate as a makeshift video controller in a conference room.  The limitations of a standard computer could make the portability of the system an issue if various users are connecting their machines to it.  For this reason, I would probably only recommend it for permanent use with a pre-determined machine in a conference room rather than promote it for use with a meeting participant's laptop.

-Audio.  The audio quality was good, but there was some loss and jitter experienced when both parties were speaking at the same time.  The noise cancellation during crosstalk would cause parts of the sentence to be muted.  In a one to one call, it's not a big issue, but I can imagine a multi-party meeting could become difficult. 

Overall the quality is good and I'm deciding between this and telyHD as our low budget small-mid room option and moving testing next to some of the mid-range devices in the 3-4k area.
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Do you know if the Logitech cc3000e devices are able to daisy chain together for a longer conference room space?
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You also could look at the Clearone Chatattach 150, it's 2 Chat150's that work in conjunction.   The ClearOne audio is fantastic - I've deployed many and the full duplex audio is the only way to go in your particular setup.

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I would like to thank everyone for the information and feedback on the noise cancelling mic's. It is great to have suggestions from those who are using some of the equipment with good results.  I will check out costs of each and see if any will be a good fit for us.
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From my experience, the old Logitech BCC950 device was NOT good in terms of audio.  The new cc3000e/cc3300e is much  better.   The Clearone speakerphone devices (Chat 150 & Chat 170) can work OK sometimes but I have found that they can start introducing echo if you move them around or put something on top of the microphone while in a meeting.  So if you use those, try to make sure they are in the center of a table, and perhaps stuck down so people don't try to move them.  You don't want someone to grab it and pull it in front of themselves because they are trying to be heard better.
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The speakerphone devices also tend to have single user and multi-user versions.  For instance, Clearone has a Chat 50 device that is really a single user (small speaker) device.  The Chat 150 / Chat 170 is more for a small team room (maybe 4-6 people), and the daisy chained Chat 150 / 170 units (you buy a set which includes a master & slave unit) can handle a bigger table with around 10 people around it.    Phoenix has a "duet" as a single user device, and "quattro" for team rooms.

None of these devices are really suitable for large auditorium spaces.  There are more expensive, custom installed devices that be used in those situations.   (Multi ceiling microphones, etc.)
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I wanted to add that the new BiAmp Tesira Forte line has USB Connectivity native on the box with built in AEC on most models. I think pricing is around $2000-$2300 for these units, but you get just an amazing amount of DSP with native USB connectivity for any/all configurations. This would allow you to use pretty much any traditional microphone set up.

We also use the Phoenix Quattro 3's and love them
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we are still investigating the TelyLabs device and the CC3000. The telylabs devices are good but arent ready for enterprise deployment yet - due to the remote requirement or keyboard and mouse.

We have a developer working on making the CC3000 work in linux as it is currently viewed as a mouse.

the other thing we have experimented with is using an android tablet in kiosk mode running the bluejeans app - this works great for interview rooms.

Along the same vein as the Android tablet, we have now got the AOC device working ( with the help of the wonderful people at bluejeans)
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Our company is using custom setups in larger rooms using Vaddio / Crestron (in table mics, in-ceiling speakers, etc.. Happy to host anyone who wanted to drop in for a demo in Los Angeles. Smaller rooms are running C930e's and Jabra 410's, 510's, or 810's. We even have a 100 person training room in Austin, TX with in-ceiling mics and speakers, handheld mics, lapel mics, etc.