Slow the 111 Jean Parrot down to regular speed?

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This sounds like a request that's been asked for for YEARS now. I've been recommending BlueJeans to all my clients and we all love it EXCEPT for "that f*ing parrot"

It would be great if you could dial into like 'normal Jean' that would simply play back what it hears at normal speed. 

When we have client calls here at my current job, it's not very professional for our financial clients who are spending millions on us to hear this as a test. 

Even if it's an alternate number like... 222 or whatever

I've also suggested this to my product manager. Can we please get something done for this? It would help out immensely when I'm troubleshooting rooms. Right now I have to use Skype for Business and the "Check Call Quality" function to really test a room, but that doesn't do video and we're trying to sunset SfB here.
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Posted 5 months ago

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Hello Jared,

I completely understand your frustration with Jean the Parrot. I have heard that we are working on something to replace Jean, but there is no ETA as to if/when it will be released.

I can offer a workaround and have you connect to our Demo Room? The room is managed by a live agent 24 hours a day where you can test your connection with a live agent. The link to the demo room is:

You can also find it on our Support page:

Please let me know if this works for you as a workaround!

Lee - BlueJeans Support

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The parrot is super annoying. Not only does it sound and look ridiculous, but it creates a lot of bugs and special cases in our code.

It made more sense when I learned from our media team that there is a good reason the parrot voice is high-pitched – it prevents an endless feedback loop of a human speaking into their mic, the parrot playing it back over the speakers, which gets picked up by the mic again, and in a few milliseconds it creates an positive feedback loop, which manifests as a piercing echo. By having the parrot play back audio at a higher pitch, we ensure that any echoing human speech is eventually shifted so high that the mic can't detect it or the speakers can't reproduce it, eliminating echo and allowing you to get on with testing your client. Ideally, none of this would be a problem because of mic placement or Automatic Echo Cancellation, but the parrot fulfills the use case where you're most likely to be testing out an audio setup that has incorrect levels, poor device selection and placement, and does suffer from echo, so we make the extra effort to not cause echoing in the parrot room.

If I was configuring an endpoint in front of a customer, I would probably use a real meeting instead of the parrot, like the Demo Room mentioned above, or my personal meeting.
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so, now for testing of the room equipment, I use the default Windows 10 Camera app and turn it on to video record mode. I record about 30 seconds of video and play it back to hear it.