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I cannot see the name of the active speaker during a session when the Conversation view is shown. On a call with many people who do not have avatar images, it requires swapping back to the channel population panel to determine the name of who is speaking. This is very frustrating when trying to take notes on a meeting whilst keeping an eye on the conversation history for links, etc.
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Posted 4 years ago

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Hi Adam - Just so we understand; by conversation view, are you referring to the chat panel?

And by avatar, is this showing due to being dialed in over PSTN? That's the only avatar we can think of... 

Can you attach a screen shot? Thanks! 
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Adam Christie

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Hi Brittany,

Okay, well, I don't have a screenshot as I didn't make one at the time, but I will try and illustrate what I mean.

The image at shows a typical Bluejeans screen. However, if you are on a call with people who are connected but have video disabled (not dialed in by PSTN, they have actual names instead of a number), it is not showing the name across the default head-and-shoulders silhouette image like it does across those images in the one I linked.

The only way to tell who is speaking (if they are in that state) is by looking at the meeting member list (I don't know what the panel is called) where all the members of the current conversation are listed. That highlights the name of the person speaking.

My frustration with this is where you are trying to take minutes / notes of a meeting and you have to skip between the chat panel and the member list to see who is currently speaking because the video / image of the active speaker on the left is not showing the name like it most probably should. I suspect if the people had active video connections then it might show the name, but with their video disabled it certainly isn't for me.

Okay, one more question - is everyone joining from the browser, or are there room systems/both?
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A mixture. Most people using browsers, a couple of PSTNs, me and a colleague were on a Logitech room system (via browser).
You should always see names via browser - it's possible there is something funky happening from our end. If you can recreate the issue and send me a screen shot, that would be really helpful
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I'm not seeing names on anybody but the active speaker. In grid view I see nobody's name. (Using the Windows Bluejeans app.)