Screen Share Help! Written by my manager, but i couldn't have described our status any better..

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Some time back we had a discussion about the “fundamental right” of videoconference participants to share their screens and our desire to have the ability to disable this.  I believe we were told that a future update to the software might give us that. 

The reason we want to tyrannically deny people their right to share is illustrated by the following use case:

We have a group using a BlueJeans meeting in effect as a webinar presentation platform to make a PowerPoint presentation with live audio, both by the presenter and for Q & A.   At some point during the presentation, a participant with a restless mouse hand clicks the screen share icon, either by accident or out of curiosity.  Said participant is now faced with the big blue “SHARE MY SCREEN” button and out of fear, ignorance or just innate generosity (we are all taught to share as kids), clicks that too.  Now everyone except the presenter, who has minimized her BlueJeans window so as to broadcast the PowerPoint show, sees either a mostly blank  screen or worse, the inadvertent new presenter’s desktop wallpaper.  The original presenter, busy explaining the PowerPoint slides, does not notice the subtle green border that just disappeared and keeps on talking. Other participants start asking what happened to the PowerPoint show, the presenter calls for help, and IT steps in to rescue the presentation from the well-intentioned but very disruptive participant by a) minimizing the PowerPoint window, b) maximizing the BlueJeans Window, c) regaining screen share, d) minimizing the BlueJeans window and  e) maximizing the PowerPoint window.  At this point the presenter is annoyed and embarrassed and nobody remembers where things left off.  Rinse and repeat with the next restless mouse-wielder.

All we need is the ability of the presenter, whether acting as Moderator, originator or just BOSS, to prevent these interruptions.  We understand that in an informal teleconference collaboration people will pass the conch back and forth freely ala Lord of the Flies.  But the above use case requires less democracy.

 That is what I need for customer success.  Anything coming down the pipe soon to help us?

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Posted 4 years ago

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UNC Pharmacy

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Is this case supported by setting up the meeting as a non-Moderatorless meeting?
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Our meetings are usually moderatorless meetings.  However, it is my understanding that once a meeting begins, the fundamental right to share a screen is not effected either way by the meeting type (moderated or moderatorless). 
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Thank you for the input Kathryn.  That explanation by your manager provides our engineering team with the perfect understanding of the use case & need for such a feature. 

The type of lock-down functionality you're looking for is indeed on our product road-map.  The ability to lock down who is able to share screens as the moderator of a meeting so that in large town hall meetings, or a classroom environment, the moderator will not have to worry about attendees accidentally (or maliciously) sharing a screen, will be a part of our feature set in the upcoming months.  

Requests like this, on our Blue Jeans Community, definitely steer our engineers to develop the features that our customers need to be successful.  So thanks again.  We'll certainly keep you & the community updated on this.
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Cheri Saito

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Any updates on this feature request?

This happened to our group during a presentation today - not once, not twice, but thrice! 

Apart from public shaming, any tips on how to prevent this?
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Christy Rohmer

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Any updates - 2 years later I can't find this functionality.
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No changes to the share feature that I am aware, however, public shaming (education) and Bluejean's changes to the location and size of "share" button have reduced occurrences of accidental sharing quite a bit at our office.
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Carlos Navas

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I have the same issue. Please, we need a fix for this ASAP
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Sabrina Davies

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What have you guys been doing for two years?!! Seriously, this is frustrating. I manage a weekly educational seminar and just a week ago a world-renowned expert on lymphoma had her lecture interrupted because one of the participants tuning into the meeting accidentally shared their screen.

I know that WebEx has the functionality in place to prevent participants from accidentally talking or sharing during a locked meeting, so why in the world can't BlueJeans figure this one out?! Please show some competency. WebEx is your direct competitor and many institutions of higher education, aside from Stanford University, use your services and we frequently stream and record lectures.
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Hi Sabrina,

Am sorry your seminar was disrupted. We have implemented a "warning" screen that would caution the person they would be interrupting an existing share session (shown below). However, if ignored, this would not stop them in their tracks. 

We will bring up a "stronger" prevention suggestion to our product team. Greatly appreciate your input.


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Good afternoon, Mike. It would be nice to be able to trust every person to heed this warning, but that will not always be the case.
The simplest solution would be creating the tool that Corey Prevost explains below: making a "lock screen sharing" function that the moderator can turn on and off as needed. I would think three years of offices and teachers asking for this would be enough to show that this is a tool that is necessary and vitally needed. 
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Hello Nicole,

We do have a feature request for this submitted to our development team to implement such a feature. We do not have an ETA as to when it will be implemented, but we appreciate you taking the time to provide your feedback!

Lee - BlueJeans Support
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Don't know why this feature couldn't be put on a moderators screen.  Just as the moderator can mute or turn off video of individuals, having everyone blocked from sharing could be the default (for specific meetings or all), and the moderator could enable a user when that user needs to share.