Saved Meeting IDs in the Desktop App.

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I like having the App to use, especially on Mac. One suggestion would be to save recently used Meeting IDs. Especially when just joining a meeting without signing in. We use the same 3 meeting IDs and it's a little daunting typing the same numbers in all the time.
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Mel Hughes

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Posted 3 years ago

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Mel Hughes

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I See 2 "Mee too" bumps but there has to be more people interested in this.
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Hello Mel,

Thank you for your continuous interest in BlueJeans.

Currently we don't have an option to save the meeting ID's on the BlueJeans app and this could really be a cool feature. I will discuss this with our product team and get back to you on Community. Stay tuned.
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Claire Walters

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I would also love this. I have several meetings that I attend on a regular cadence that use the same meeting IDs. It would be great to save a meeting ID to a particular meeting (Daily Standup: 583456414) and be able to just select them when signing it.
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Shawn Planko

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I attend countless meeting a day for my company and could probably add a few 1000 votes from our company for this feature. Love to see this become a high priority. Maybe a way to save favorites? :)
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Jonathan Rodgers

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Please add this.  every user wants this
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Peter Yoachim

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I have 2-3 regular meetings, so I'd like to save the IDs and give them nicknames (e.g., "Wed 10am group meeting")
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Martin Golder

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I signed up purely to add my support for this feature!
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Mike Kerr, Official Rep

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Have passed this message along to two members of our product design team. They will review.
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Ying Gong

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It would be great to allow recent meeting ID saved and reusable on all platform, on either desktop or mobile app.
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Mike Kerr, Official Rep

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Thank you for your comments, Ying. 
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Patricio Occhiuzzo

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+1,000 (and counting) votes from me & my office mates.

Dear Blue Jeans team,

I'm sure folks from all other companies have a similar experience, but on my side we resort to using all sorts of wacky workarounds. Aside from being annoying/frustrating, it often causes meetings to start late because of all sorts of confusions.

It just wastes time, and even if it's just a few minutes here and there, it all adds up to a MAJOR loss of time and productivity, ultimately hurting our (and all your clients) bottom line :(

Even the most minimal, most basic way to save and/or see recent meeting IDs would be a HUGE improvement. For the desktop & mobile apps, please!

It seems the problem is actually finding the right room, but once we are all in the room, Blue Jeans works great! Keep up the great work!

Thanks for considering your communities feedback!
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Mike Kerr, Official Rep

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This might be of help ... the BlueJeans App will show you recent meetings. In this example, I have a "Weekly check in with Mike" meeting. It will appear in my "Upcoming" tab, and is also found in the "recent" tab. I click the bar to quickly join this meeting (this is a recurring meeting, not scheduled to end until 2018).

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Lee Snyder, Official Rep

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Hello Ella,

Would you please check what version of the BlueJeans app you are currently on? It may be that you need to update to the latest and greatest version.

You can get the latest version of the BlueJeans Application here:
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It seems like the calendar/schedule view requires the user to login. So the problem here is that many users do not login, or are working with a collaboration where they do not even *have* an account to login to. So the desired feature would be to be able to save frequently used meeting IDs without needing an account or configuring a schedule or anything.
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Radhika@BJsupport, Official Rep

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Hi Alex,

Thank you for the feedback. I will pass it on to our development team.

Thank you,

Radhika Chatur
BlueJeans Support Team
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Sewell Family

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It is sad that this is still not a feature within the tool.  Whenever I roam to a different computer, I cannot see my other computer's recent meetings.  It would be great to have the client applications upload recent meetings to a central source on the server.  This way any client can pull a summary of all recent meetings attended, no matter where they connect from.
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Erin Pickle, Official Rep

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Thank you for the feedback! I've added your name to this request as well.

Best regards,

Erin - BlueJeans Support