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This update to the Blue Jeans service includes new features and product enhancements. See below for further details.

New Features:

Application Sharing

Now users have more content sharing options. In addition to sharing your full desktop, you can elect to share a specific application, such as PowerPoint, Word or a web browser. When you select an application to share, nothing else on your monitor is visible to other meeting participants.

Command Center – User Feedback Data Command Center now has the ability to show the quality feedback users submitted at the conclusion of their meeting. This allows IT Administrators to correlate the user’s feedback with the actual meeting quality data captured by Command Center, thus closing the loop on quantitative and qualitative feedback.

Feature Enhancements:

Floating Video Widget

When a meeting participant begins to share his or her screen, all other participants will now see the content in full screen, with a floating video widget to display other meeting participants. This widget can be moved and resized to the liking of the viewer. The traditional Blue Jeans Content Slider is still available if you prefer that approach to viewing content without a floating widget. Simply hover over the content to expose the slider, slide it to the left, and the floating widget will disappear. Floating Widget

Content Slider

Browser Plugin Installation Resiliency

In the event that a plugin update is available, but the upgrade fails, the user will still be able to join the meeting with the plugin that was previously installed. This allows the user to attend the scheduled meeting and re-attempt to upgrade the plugin afterward.

Chrome 39 Support

The latest version of the Google Chrome browser requires the use of a 64-bit plugin, which Blue Jeans now provides for OS X operating system. Development of a 64-bit plugin for Windows is in progress, but Blue Jeans does currently support the 32-bit Windows version.

In-Meeting Quality Notifications Blue Jeans has been making regular improvements to the user experience. Under certain conditions, there will now be in-meeting notifications designed to recommend user adjustments that will improve meeting quality. Blue Jeans will now notify users for the following conditions:

  • Speaking While Muted – In cases where a user’s microphone is receiving audio but is muted within the Blue Jeans meeting, a notification will be provided to the user recommending they unmute to speak within the meeting.
  • High CPU Usage – Meeting participants that have high CPU usage can experience both audio and video quality issues. When this happens, the meeting participant will be notified that he or she may want to close some applications or turn off the webcam.

Streamlined Browser Join Flow – GA With the 2.9 release, Blue Jeans is moving to a new browser join flow for all customers, unless you have specifically requested to continue using the older join flow.

The new join flow accommodates users who are accustomed to joining meetings by dialing in on the phone, then joining on video. Now, users have three options for sending/receiving audio and video. If you prefer to receive audio through your phone, selecting option 3 will prevent an audio feedback loop that some users were experiencing:

These are the features that are scheduled to be released on Jan. 3rd, 2015. While we fully expect all features to go live as planned, small delays do sometimes occur as we work to deliver the quality service that our customers have come to expect. Have questions or feedback about the release? Comment below!

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When will chrome 39 be supported in linux?