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It would be really useful if BlueJeans had an outbound dialling feature.  I facilitate a number of BlueJeans meetings with non-IT literate folk who are scared by the whole VC thing.  Additionally, sometimes the remote party is unable to change their connection methodology and cannot connect to bridges other than their own.   Therefore, being able to dial outbound to their bridge would make H323 calls easier to facilitiate.
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Posted 5 years ago

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@Nick thank you for the idea. This will take more looking into from engineering. Initial response is that this has high security risks AND would require a significant product architecture change.  The architecture we have in place now, is easiest in the market for anyone to connect into a cloud meeting.  Although it doesn't capture this use case, we believe it is where adhoc collaboration is going and the endpoint (of your choice) is just the means to collaborate.  If anything changes in our direction we will update you on this thread here. 

On a side note, what is the main reason your employees are scared by video? 

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Thanks for the feedback.    Our employee's are commonly blue collar or blue-turned-white collar and are therefore more often than not inexperienced with technology.  Typically a barrier to enablement experienced is "I don't know how to do it and therefore I wont try" which can be addressed with end-user training, but this is difficult with 50,000+ colleagues world-wide. Add to that complexity the variety of room systems, each with a different interface compounds the problem as what may work at one location will be different to other places. This is not just true with BJN but many technology products.  

Being able to schedule meetings where they can go and sit in a conference room at an allotted time and answer a call when it arrives would help us to improve take-up and make people keener to try video services going forward.

It might also help us drive conferencing from the desktop where people don't see it as an option currently.
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@Nick great cultural feedback. We have many resources like in room tent cards to aid with the inherent complexity of using the high end vendors (Polycom, Cisco, Lifesize, etc).  There definitely seems to be a trend shifting to the desktop/mobile given its simplicity and flexibility of scheduling/ad hoc meetings. Every employee is different and that is why we like to give the options to the end user to connect how they want to connect, but also control their own experience once in (IE adjust their own layouts, devices, etc). 

Here are the table tent cards, which include 1-2-3 steps to connecting to a Blue Jeans meeting from your room system. This has helped other organization's employees get used to using the systems. 

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This would help us in meetings where EA's are running around trying to herd people into a room and get flustered when having to dial into a meeting, especially from room systems.

I liked some of the other VC vendors scheduling options whereby you could book a meeting with the room and it would automatically connect at the appropriate time or after the previous call finished. some interoperability between the VC vendors schedulers and BJN would be great.
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Agree with Ash.

A hybrid approach could also be interesting: dialing out (only to Blue Jeans) but nonetheless removing the need for non-technical staff to physically place a call on the room unit.

1. Blue Jeans admin "pairs" a room unit with their Blue Jeans account
2. The room unit polls Blue Jeans for scheduling changes
3. The room unit calls out to a specified IP address using its built-in scheduling functionality at the scheduled time.

Still, I am VERY sympathetic to Nick's problem, but dialing out seems so contrary to Blue Jeans' fundamental product strategy (per Brett) I can't imagine a full-bore dial out feature.
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I suppose a follow up question would be, is there a way to do IP dialling from a room system, entering the meeting ID as part of the dial-string?  We could use the existing functionality on the room systems to auto join a meeting without the participants having to concern themselves with the mechanics of joining a meeting. 
We can do this on Scopia based solutions by dialling VMR@IP address and our audio conferencing services support CallingnumberppMeetingNumber (the p being pauses) which works well.
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Nick, we use Polycom Group Series room units and can dial 12345@bjn.vc (where 12345 is the meeting ID) to automatically enter the room. In fact, we place dial strings like the one above for our most popular meeting id's on speed dial so less technical users can simply select them visually to enter.
  1. Click the "Room System" bar for instructions. Dial the IP address- or the FQDN- bjn.vc on your Room System to get the Welcome IVR. (Suggested dialing speed is 1 Mbps or higher for 720p resolution. For "speed dialing" instructions, see *URI Dial String note, below.)
  2. After connection is made with Blue Jeans, an "enter your meeting ID' or use "pairing" code panel will appear.
  3. You have two ways to enter the meeting from here:
    • Enter the Meeting ID and Passcode (if applicable) in the boxes, using your Room System remote, and press # to submit, or,
    • Enter the 5 letter pairing code in the BJN Meeting Room field on your browser, and press Connect (this process must be used if you plan on changing your layouts from the web app).
  4. Blue Jeans then connects your room system to the meeting!
Note: When using Polycom RealPresence Mobile Version 3.1-44477, we suggest using the following URI methods:

*URI Dial String Note:

  • In step 1, you can also add the meeting ID and passcode in the URI string, letting you enter the meeting without having to complete steps 2 or 3:
    • From a Polycom, Cisco/Tandberg, LifeSize and Mirial/ClearSea endpoint you can dial directly into a Blue Jeans meeting using the following format: <Meeting ID>.<Passcode>@ for example, if the meeting ID is 12345 and the passcode is 1111 the URI string will look like this 12345.1111@
  • Should your meeting not contain a passcode then simply dial <Meeting ID>@ e.g. 12345@
  • URI Dialing using domain: <Meeting ID>@bjn.vc
  • Some older endpoints do not support the above dial string format. If you are experiencing issues connecting to Blue Jeans using the above format please try one of the following:
    • <IP>##<MeetingID>#<Passcode> (example:
    • <IP>##<MeetingID>:<Passcode>
    • <MeetingID>:<Passcode>@<IP>   
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That's freaking awesome. I'm a bit embarrassed that I missed that documentation somewhere.

Now if there was a way to neighbor our gatekeeper with bluejeans so that users here could JUST enter a meetingID and call (without the bjn.vc domain)..well that would even be better! ;)
Welllll we are all about being "freaking awesome" over here ;)
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Also Doug, you can add any dial strings to the Group Series' home screen as speed dials -- so you effectively can give staff two-click access to a Blue Jeans meeting ID from a Group Series.
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This was exactly the information I was looking for.


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"Dialing out" certainly sounds a very good technique however this feature may require many Tweaks on Firewall or Nat traversal Equipment organizations have on prems. Most Security admins dont like traffic coming from Outside network to Inside network, Thus the whole concept of dialing out from BJN  would need a Solid Security configuration so that we have Security admins in confidence.
Products like TMS, CTMS, has dial out features however they dial out to Eps.. present inside local network or Eps in Branch site connected via dedicated Pipe (again a private -company owned network).
     I think what Zack suggested above ie configuring Speed dials or favs on EndPoints make it easy for users to dial out. Its Similar to as  configuring OBTP on cisco  Eps.


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I'm not sure about the technophobia assumption for blue/white collar workers.  I think most of the hiccup would be about using company equipment and protocols. I would guess that the same person might have no problem navigating their equipment at home.

My hold-out for adoption beyond the desktop is a familiar graphics interface on a tablet.  Not the Crestron button trees, but a poke-and-swipe interface. 

The links in meeting invites cover a lot of the problem for joining from a desktop/tablet (if someone tells you that you must join the meeting).  But going that route doesn't address bandwidth or visual production issues (poor lighting and sound) that leave people with a "why would I embarrass myself like that again" experience.