Live Stream Option in Command Centre

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Would be really nice if we could go into command centre and the live stats, then click to enter the call in a view only mode (live stream) so we could check how the call was going!

What do others think?

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Ian Grunhut, Champion

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Posted 4 years ago

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Tom Strand, Champion

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I can imagine privacy could be a concern.  I see two workarounds:

  • Create meetings that don't need a moderator. Then you can join anytime.  The trade-off is privacy vs flexibility for you to check on the meeting.
  • Be invited to the meeting as yourself or as a role (meeting monitor) that everyone knows will only be used to monitor quality.
In both cases, I expect you would mute your video ("v" on the keyboard is the shortcut) and mute your audio ("m" on the keyboard is the shortcut). But your name would appear in the participant list.
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Ian Grunhut, Champion

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Thanks Tom, I agree with you on the privacy issue. We do join as a participant without video and audio, but its not ideal having to join manually - if we could just live stream/join then it would be good, maybe with the option of making some meetings private.

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Brett Smith

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This is certainly interesting, but privacy would be the issue. We will discuss this further with our product team and try and accomplish the same goals without having to join the meeting. 

So ideally you would like to be able to: identify a meeting that has poor quality? If this was an alert versus checking in on every meeting would that do the trick? By "viewing" the meeting you would not necessarily be able to diagnose the issue because it would be from your local perspective and not of the participant that potentially has low bandwidth that is effecting the meeting. 

I'll leave this open to hear from other customers on their experience and desires with Command Center. Again this is v1.0 and with your feedback (like this) we will continue to evolve to address top challenges of the Admins, Help Desk and Support staff. 
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Lucas Phelps

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I think the idea of being able to monitor the meeting's live stream is extremely helpful in troubleshooting issues proactively.  It should be a specific permission on the admin's user page, a checkbox that says 'Enable the ability to live-stream in Command Center'.  With it being explicitly defined who can do it, then it reduces the privacy problem.

We've had the live stream option with Tandberg/Polycom products in the past and it was very helpful from an IT support perspective.

Live Meeting Control is something that is on our Roadmap and it will offer the exact functionality you are discussing in the thread. We don't share our roadmap publicly but I would reach out to your Customer Success Manager for more info!
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Mike Levine

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You know what also would be nice with command center is the ability to capture the pretty data easily in pdfs.  Be nice if there was a way to download the information easily that is in Command Center.  This would make running reports easier.   You can take screen shots of the nice graphs but it would be nice if there was a download feature.   Thanks, Mike