Inserting Slides as supposed to Screen Share for Webinars or Collaboration

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Can BlueJeans add a feature to insert slides instead of screen sharing? We are a law firm and most of the times our end users are not that literate sharing screens and they somehow get confused how to share their screen properly without seeing their entire desktop. It will be helpful to have a feature that you can just add slides for presentation before the start of the meeting so to avoid confusion. Especially hosting a Webinar or professional development.
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Posted 4 years ago

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Christoper ,

When you start content sharing on a bluejeans meeting, you have the ability to make it 'application specific', meaning only the selected opened application will be shared among all users. In your case, users could only share PowerPoint, or any other application they use for presentation.

You can take a look at, under Application Sharing.

Hope that helps
Thanks for the quick reply Romain. Yes we are aware of the application specific, which is also a nice added touch by Bluejeans. However, for contingency planning, in the event of (i.e. Powerpoint software fails). We would like to see a separate feature, much like the video sharing content. Only this time, it will be presentation sharing content.
I understand your request. Great feature suggestion, I will spread the word!