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At the beginning of a meeting when we do Roll Call, if I could click on a phone number and type in a name it would be INSANELY useful.  I know Bob, Jim, Steve and John are here, but I can't tell who's who.  I just see a number talking.
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Scott Beeson

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Posted 4 years ago

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Craig Ernst, Champion

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I submitted this very same idea to our customer success manager the other week, and I think it's a fantastic idea!

Not to cross pollinate, but I also said have the ability for a phone user to enter in a tone code to raise their hand virtually so a session moderate could acknowledge them.
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Lucas Phelps

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I love this idea.  Especially for meetings where there is a moderator PIN set up.  IF the moderator tags on of the phone numbers with a name, it forces it for all other participants.  Otherwise each participant can tag their own.
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soeren glasius

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About five months ago I suggested a similar function, but with the added functionality that you could store the numbers in a list, for the coming calls.
Hi Everyone - I've added you to a list on our product management team that tracks these requests. There is an existing request with other customers speaking up, so you came to the right place! I will have a PM chime in below and give you an update asap. Thanks!
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David Bernholdt

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ZOOM uses a simple, but effective technique to associate phone dial-ins with browser sessions when some connects both ways.  The browser connection gives a simple unique code to enter on the phone after you get connected -- in my experience, usually just two digits.
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Rob Nebiker

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If it's a Bluejeans user, do a lookup based on thier cell or work phone and match it, or take the CNAM provided by the carrier.
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David Bernholdt

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_If_ it is a BJ user and you can match a phone number in their profile, that might be useful.  But it will only cover a fraction of telecon participants.

I think CNAM is very likely _not_ to be useful.  My office line shows the same CNAM as about 10,000 other lines here.  My cell account has three phones on it, and the accountholder's name might not have any connection to the person using one of those lines to connect to BJ.  If I'm on the road, I might be calling in on a hotel phone.  And some of the people I teleconference with simply don't provide caller ID info.

My suggestion (a tone code to link the browser and phone sessions) has the additional benefit of allowing two entries in the participant list to be merged, which is useful when you have a lot of participants.
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Joseph Ng

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Just want to see if there is any update which this topic has been silent for more than 1 yr...

Even no voice to text recognition, the moderator should be able to edit by self.
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Carrie Oakes, Official Rep

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In our June release we now allow partcipants to edit their own name in the participant list if they are using browser or the BlueJeans application.   Coming soon we will be adding the ability for the moderator to edit phone numbers in the participant list!
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Joseph Ng

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This is the exciting news for us.  The moderator ability to update participant list will improve a lot instead of guess who use the numbers.

And the further thought will be automatically updating the user name from the bluejeans account entries.
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Scott Beeson

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"Coming soon"... has it arrived yet?
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Raine NY

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Any update on this?
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Lee Snyder, Official Rep

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Hello Raine,

Unfortunately, we do not have this feature as of yet on the meetings platform. I know that this specific request has had some work in the last few months, I will check with the development team to see where we are at!

Lee - BlueJeans Support