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Do any of the Devs have anything to say on how long it might take to get h.265 going in the browser at least with BlueJeans? CISCO is already supporting it in some of their newer VTC systems.

The idea of a 50% bandwidth decrease at the same quality would be awesome. Plus the other features that make H.265 better with video artifacts, etc. 
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Blue Jeans is keeping a close look at the HEVC/H.265 codec. We see a great value being a cloud service in the ability to run higher quality calls under lower bit rate connections. We will provide an update to the community as soon as we have more concrete information to share regarding our plans to support the new codec.
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Whilst i wholeheartedly support the move to the 'next-gen' codecs, I'm not convinced they're ready for prime-time yet.  The standards still seem to be in flux, and I've not seen efficient encoding beyond custom ASICs.  I suspect we're still 2-3 years away from it being a 'standard' standard at which point many of the vendors will start deploying it properly.  We've got some ancient Tandberg kit that supported H264 when that came out, but it can be quite buggy when it talks to newer kit, even though they're theoretically using standards based connection.  Thankfully BlueJeans is able to deal with this, but I would expect the same problem to occur with these early gen H265 capable devices.   That's my 2p worth anyway.
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I noted that Cisco announced their IX5000 series telepresence device at the start of the week which provides H265 encoding at 1080p encoding.  Although at an RRP of US$300,000,  I'm guessing there wont be a massive uptake of these devices in the short-medium term.  And of course these continue to support H264 to support traditional protocols expected in room-based systems.
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The IX500 is not the only system they make that do H.265. 

the SX80 supports it, so does the MX700 and 800. Those systems are significantly cheaper.
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it seems an old thread but I'd like to share my idea, as this link posted many browsers can support H265 now, https://chrome.google.com/webstore/category/extensions?hl=en and HEVC/H.265 not only has a better visual quality at a low storage and bandwidth but also a dexterously coding algorithm by encoding motion vectors with much greater precision and minimal residual errors. Besides the preeminent method used for inter prediction, this new codec also presents an improved deblocking filter and sample adaptive offset to reduce even more artifacts.https://medium.com/advanced-computer-vision/h-264-vs-h-265-a-technical-comparison-when-will-h-265-dominate-the-market-26659303171a that's why more and more people would like to choose H265 as output encoder, I usually choose H265 as output format when I rip a DVD toohttp://www.videoconverterfactory.com/tips/dvd-to-h265.html I believe more and more people will like H265 
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The problem with HEVC/H.265 is that it requires licensing for use commercially (which I assume Bluejeans would be the case). Google does not include HEVC/H.265 as an extension by default in Chrome, so BJ would have to provide it to all their customers if they wanted any adoption in addition to licensing it for use within their app. 

Given their desktop app is just a fork of Chromium, and VP9 is included in Chrome/Chromium NOW and is somewhat equivalent to H.265 in performance I think that is a much easier road to take in BJ (using VP9). AV1 (was VP10) should be in Chrome/Chromium in the next couple of years and will be even better than HEVC and VP9.

BJ currently uses VP8 in many circumstances in addition to H.264 where it can. I talked with one of their engineers last year about why they don't support VP9 since its IN Chrome/Chromium now and he said they still have a lot they can do to optimize VP8.

My own thought is that you have to think about what is going on in the back end of BJ. They have to transcode H.264 and VP8 back and forth. That requires a LOT of CPU to do in real time without turning off all the great features in H.264 and VP8. I'm thinking they don't support VP9 because of that (partially I guess).

So...in summary, H.265 would be awesome (and I have a bunch of CISCO SX80's that support it where I work) but it does not seem BJ is going to support it.

Frankly I'd just wish they would increase the maximum bandwidth for room systems to support 1080p and 60fps. :( 
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Hello DB Vid,

I know that 1080p support in on our roadmap and is currently being worked on. All I can say is stay tuned.

Lee - BlueJeans Support