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Hi Everyone,

I'm on the Product team and we're looking to explore how our customers use our mobile apps. Here are some questions to get you started:
  • Did you know that Blue Jeans has a mobile app?
  • If so, how did you find out about our app?
  • Have you used the app? Why or Why not?

Thanks for you feedback!
Photo of Monique Gaskins - Product Manager, BJN

Posted 4 years ago

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Photo of Ash Azzopardi

Ash Azzopardi, Champion

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I use it all the time, when i am on the move, i have used it on 3G travelling on a train from london to my home town, relatively flawlessly considering i was on a train, without wifi.

I was on the original beta for IOS and Android, i know the android guys love it, for those of our employees that have unsupported variants of linux on their desktop they use the android app as the primary personal video device.

I have used the IOS device as my presentation screen for when i want to share a doc from my google drive without having to plug my laptop into a video room.
Thanks for the info Ash. Glad to hear you're enjoying the app.
Photo of Heather Potter

Heather Potter, Champion

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We use it here at HKS in a variety of ways but the coolest way is while on a job site. Our architects will walk through the building under construction and have the owner or construction team on the call and they can show them things that need to be changed by just using the camera on their ipad. It's really slick for that real-time collaboration so they don't have to pull out their laptop and their hotspot, etc...
Hi Heather,

Thanks for sharing, that is a pretty unique use case!
Photo of Timothy Weaver

Timothy Weaver

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I've noticed the iOS app does not respect the device's time zone when providing notifications of meetings. For example, establish the meeting in one time zone at 1PM PT. Travel to the CT time zone and have your device get the new time zone. The app notification occurs at 1PM in the new time zone, and not adjusted to 3PM. The calendar integration adjusts properly, but not the mobile app.
Photo of Timothy Weaver

Timothy Weaver

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Another missing capability on the iOS app is around audio. When using the "audio only" setting it will only work in speakerphone mode. This prevents holding the phone up and participating as a standard handset.
Photo of DB Vid

DB Vid

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Honestly, I don't use it that much and it's usually because 3G/LTE data reliability can be horribly inconsistent. Seems to work on Wifi.
Photo of Romain Gallais

Romain Gallais

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DB Vid

Have you tried our " Audio Only " mode while on 3G/LTE. We recently updated the app with some fixes related to that mode.
Photo of Nathan Maharaj

Nathan Maharaj

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I use the iOS several times a week. I think it's great. 

However, I have noticed 2 persistent problems (on my iPhone 5s):
  1. I often get a frozen spinner when trying to join a meeting. I have to exit the app, force close, then re-open or click through my calendar --> Safari "Join with App" --> and into the app. Always makes me at least 1-2 minutes late.
  2. The calendar seems not to update as meetings are rescheduled or cancelled. So I get meeting reminders from my BlueJeans app for meetings that aren't happening.