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It would be nice to get some time of notification when someone starts or responds to group chat while in a Blue Jeans meeting. Right now unless you are looking at the top right hand side you won't notice that someone may be wanting to chat. Chat comes in handy when you have sound issues, or quality issues, etc. But it's not handy when you don't know that someone is chatting.
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Ron Garcia

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Posted 5 years ago

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Hi Ron, first off, we are happy you see the value in chat and are using it! We agree, the notification that exists now may not be prominent enough. We are routing this suggestion to our product team to get their thoughts. Stay tuned!
Ron - Current notifications look like this. Of course we don't want to interrupt the meeting itself, any ideas from a user perspective of where you might want to see the notification instead?

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Tushar Goyal

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It would be nice to have notification in title of tab if the user is surfing on some other tab. Also I would like to add, lets say two person are chatting. It would be nice to see the "typing" indicator which means that the user is responding.
It would be nice if there is some audio tone played when a message or participant enters.
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Community Team, Community Admin

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Hi Aleksandar, good news! We do have that feature. Here are some instructions:
1. Log in to your account, click "settings" under your profile photo
2. Click "Room Settings" on the left-hand side
3. The 5th field down will allow you to enable or disable audible alerts when a participant enters the meeting. 

We do not have a function for an audible message alert because we don't want it distracting from the meeting experience itself, especially if someone gets chat happy!
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Tiffany Stanton

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Is it possible that we can get some type of visual notification that someone has left a message in the chat , like a raised hand or something. 
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Ash Azzopardi, Champion

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we would also like the chat to be "floating" i.e. hidden from screen share but viewable separately, comes in hand when doing a screen share and you need to see whats going on, for example when my mic cuts out and people are sending messages left and right because i muted them all ;)
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Can we something like `@` mentions like we have in slack, whenever a user want to explicitly send out a notification to someone they can just use `@user` or even `@here` mentions to notify everyone in meeting.
Also, Meeting organiser can choose to disable `@` mentions notifications during meeting.
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Radhika@BJsupport, Official Rep

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Hi Atul,

Thank you for sharing the feedback. We will forward this to our engineering team.

Thank you,

Radhika Chatur