Can I have my personal meeting on 24/7? Or does the meeting stop after a certain period if there is no activity?

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Personal meeting 24/7 Time out 
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Posted 5 years ago

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Hi Katie! Great question. You can have your personal meeting on 24/7 if you have another participant on the call. If it's just you (logged in as the moderator), your session will timeout after 30 minutes. 
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Is there a way to adjust that timeout for individual meetings?  It is common practice for our attorneys to want to setup a meeting well in advance of having the client dial in.  It is also common to break for lunch during a meeting.  Clients may disconnect and dial back in when they return.  It is disrupting in these meetings for the attorneys to have to call one of the IT staff to come back and reconnect for them.
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Hi Kevin, I am sending your feedback to our product team to take a look at. In the meantime, a workaround we use is to have a second endpoint join during those long breaks and just have it muted on audio/video. Thanks! 
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled
How long do meeting Ids stay active for?.

How long do meeting Ids stay active for? Does a schedule meeting
(non-reoccurring) expire immediately after the meeting or is there some
duration that it’s still active for? What happens if you use that meeting id
again? Does it extend the expiration date?
Hi Tim - I went ahead and merged these two topics. It looks like Vikram had also given a response today so I pasted more information below. To keep things simple: your personal meeting id (static) will expire after 30 minutes of inactivity. Your moderator-less scheduled meeting ID can run for up to 24 hours before expiring. 

Comments from Vikram: 

Hi Tim,

The concept is that your personal meeting id is your own personal  meeting room. So its virtually present forever. Its not like traditional MCU where you need to schedule a meeting with conf prefix, ser prefix etc and meeting Id expires after the meeting is over. Your meeting Id here remains same/active  for ever and if some one wants to speak to you. he/she will join your meeting Id.

Scheduled meeting remains active for the  time  you have scheduled time it for. email notification can also be sent. Once that scheduled time has passed by, your meeting Id is still active but that scheduled meeting will expire. Note (invited participants can still join same meeting id to speak to you) 

Let me know if you have  more questions:

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To follow up on this - If the meeting ID is still active after the expiration, could one log in later in the day to use that meeting? Say for instance the meeting gets pushed back but no update to the schedule in Blue Jeans? 

I also assume that even if the meeting is scheduled for one hour, it won't shut off if it goes longer? It's more for just personal scheduling purposes?
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I'm a new user to bluejeans but have worked with number of web conference platforms over the years, and would like to use the same or consistent dial-in and conference bridge # for all my recurring and and ad-hoc web conferences.  Essentially i'm getting older and it's pain to punch in the phone key pad new conference bridge numbers for all my different meetings. I was excited when I saw the configuration setting that allows me to establish my own conference bridge and moderator code. ... but unfortunately my BlueJeans outlook account does not allow me to leverage the "personal meeting" settings when I scheduled one-off and recurring meetings.   It makes me miss my old solutions WebEx and GoToMeetings which offer reuseable conference bridge. 
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Hi Amberlynn, 

You can use your consistent personal ID when scheduling from Outlook. Click the drop down arrow under our blue "Schedule" icon in upper left section of Outlook, then click "Default Meeting Settings." In upper left, select "Use Personal Meeting ID for scheduling" in the Default Scheduling Profile. 

Let us know if that doesn't fit your needs. Thanks,

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I did a search in your Knowledge Base for "consistent personal ID" but I'm not getting any results.  Basically, I want to know if there is another way to use this besides with Outlook since we do not use Outlook but want to have a consistent URL or meeting number.
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You only use Outlook to schedule meetings.  You can use a web browser or the BlueJeans app anytime to connect to your personal meeting.  The ID is always the same.  You configure it on your BlueJeans portal.  Either or should work.
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Thank you!